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Words have a power to create whole new worlds. Letters are connected to form words, words join together to become sentences, and those sentences will create new stories. Whole books are made from these stories, and any book is the whole new world. You too can create new worlds with their exiting adventures and interesting people. As a writer, you have unlimited power, and with words you can create anything you want. 

Words are like music. They have their own rhythm and melody. Every word affects the next word, and together they make up stories. Words are written one after another, and the whole worlds with human destinies are created. Words can express great emotions, and describe incredible things. Writing is one of our natural talents. Everyone can learn to enjoy writing, and understand the music of words. 

Creative writing is writing from within you. It's creating something new with words and sentences. This page has methods that can help you to release all your limits and constrains. You can release your creativity through writing. You can express yourself with words. You can learn to allow words flow out freely and naturally, and create new worlds with them. You can find the joy of writing.

Automatic writing
Art of doing mistakes
Revealing everything
Playing with words


Automatic writing

When we create something, two sides of us are always active; a creative side and an evaluating side. The other part creates constantly something new, and the other one evaluates it. The creative side generates endlessly new ideas, and every one of them has same value to it. The evaluating side directs process of creation by evaluating quality of ideas, and selecting ideas we need and want. So the creative part takes care of quantity, and the evaluating one takes care of quality.

Imagine an office with two different departments. The other department produces constantly something new; it develops all wild and imaginative ideas. The other one takes care of quality control, and controls ideas created by the creative department. It will constantly evaluate all new ideas, selecting best ones, and turning down bad ones. Promising ideas are returned back to the creative part, and it will develop more ideas from them. This is how the process of creating new things works by creating and selecting.

At the best, all this works well, and we can create new ideas, and some of them will be good ones. Sometimes, though, those sides are unbalanced within us. Usually the evaluating side is too active, and it will suffocate our creative side. It can be like the harshest critic who rejects our all ideas right away, and dismiss mercilessly all attempts of creating something.

Then you will become unable to create anything at all, or it will become very slow and painful. It may work only sometimes when you somehow get past of your critical eye. It means that you can create only rarely, and not when you ourselves need and want it. It's however possible to learn to relax your inner control. You can learn to create freely whenever you want.

The best method for doing this is called the automatic writing. It's a way to let go of your inner control, and learn to create freely without the constant self-criticism. You can let your creative side flow out with it, and allow new ideas flow out like an infinite river. You need only a paper and pen for this practice, and the moment of your time.

Sit down, and start to write. Write down anything you wish. Write everything that comes to your mind. Write down what is within your minw, just as it appears to you. Do it without censoring it in any way. Let writing just happen. Write continuously without stop. If nothing comes to your mind, write about it, and describe that feeling. The most important thing is just to let words flow freely and without pause. Write three pages every day like this, and you will soon notice improvement in your creativity.

When you are doing this, become aware of your inner observer. Notice how it tries to control and censure your writing. Let go this criticism. Learn to do it consciously, and let words come out as they do. Sketching and experimenting is important when you are creating something new. Because of that is it very nimportant to be able to expreriment and fumble around freely. All creative things are made by sketching and experimenting before the right shape is found. This is why an ability to create freely is essential for creativity.

Do this practice every day. The best moment for doing it is at the morning, when your mind is still fresh and open. Write a couple of pages with the automatic writing, and liberate the flow your creativity. Do this practice every day regularly, no matter what. Dismiss all excuses, and write even if it feels hard and difficult. This is one of the most important practices for releasing and recovering your creativity.


Art of doing mistakes

When we begin to create something new, it always begins by sketching and experimenting. It's important to allow any mistakes and imperfections happen at the beginning, and let the creation take its own course. If we try to create the perfect art right away, then it will very quickly become difficult. We always begin by feeling out our way, and letting creativity flow out freely.

When we try to consciously avoid mistakes, then this process will be constrained and limited. It’s very difficult not to do something. Fear of mistakes will quickly and effectively lock up your creativity. This fear will constrict you until you will have a very little room to explore and play with the creativity and self-expression.

Start by learning to write badly. Release yourself from this fear by doing mistakes consciously. Write as badly as you ever can. Do all the possible mistakes you can imagine. Do all those things you have warned and forbidden not to do. Laugh at your own mistakes, and have fun with them. Soon there will not be bad writing that you wouldn’t dare to write it. This is the beginning of freedom of creativity.  

There is no right or wrong way of doing things. ‘Mistakes’ can actually be the beginning of your originality. Creativity is finding new paths and opening new possibilities.


Revealing everything

Writing can sometimes reveal more about us than we would wish to. We all have our secrets and embarrassing memories. When we are writing, we will alwavs end up writing about ourselves and our feelings. One of the obstacles in writing and creativity can be those hidden emotions and experiences. We might not want to reveal them to anyone, not even to ourselves.

You can release this obstacle by writing consciously all those thing you do not wish to reveal. Write down all your secrets and your moments of shame. Reveal them all by your writing. Express honestly your experiences and emotions. This way you can open the locks in your heart, and find the much deeper way of writing.

Start this practice by completing sentences like ‘My most shameful secret is…’, or, ‘I don’t want anyone to know that…’ complete these sentences with whatever comes to your mind. Write openly from your heart. Destroy writing in the end, and take care that these things are not revealed accidentally. You will then be able to reveal your deepest secrets. This practice can help you to find the more honest and open style of writing.


Playing with words

Writing can be fun and playing with words. Playing can help you to find your creativity easily and naturally. Writing is often considered to be very serious business. Because of that your writing can become too limited and difficult. Find again fun and joy of writing. Rediscover the art of playing with words.

Writing is just black dots on the white paper. It's nothing so serious. Play with these marks on the paper. Write them down, and play with them like they were toys. Make up funny little songs that have no any meaning. Write fun rhymes and poems. Have fun with words, and you can feel your creativity to relax and let go.

Play with words like a child who has found a new toy. You can make strange plays with words, and laugh at your own writings. Write small stories, and enjoy creating with words. Remember again feeling of your childhood, and the joy of finding something new. The world of words is always available for the innocent and childlik




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