Creative crafts


Crafts are an easy way to creativity and self-expression. We all know how to cut paper and use glue. You can create art by cutting and joining different materials. You can express yourself this way even without any particular skills. Crafting as a hobby does not need difficult technical skills, and so you can let you creativity flow freely immidietely.

Creative crafts can be done just by selecting and connecting things. You can make things simply by collecting and joining them together. It's an easy way to rediscover your natural creativity, and release your self-expression. Crafting will awaken the creative child within you, and can be very fun to play with.


Image collection

Create an image collection about your own life. Tell the story of your life by images. First find images from old magazines and ads. Choose those images that feel good, or have some meaning to you. Cut them off and gather them. Take a big board of paper, and paste those images into it one by one.

Cut and connect those images as you like. Position each of them to their own place. It can be under or over other pictures, or beside them. You will find right place by taking pictures one by one, and thinking where it belongs. Follow your intuition, your feelings. Meaning of this practice is getting you to tell yourself about your own life. Lead yourself to tell the story of your life, your hopes and your dreams with these images.

Look at your collection closely. You can see all those things you have chosen and joined together. They all have some meaning to you, and the way you have pasted them together can reveal you lot about yourself. You can make this collection about your whole life, or about those parts you wish to know and understand more.

This practice will increase your self-knowledge and understanding about your values and dreams. They are important to understand in creativity. We create those things we love and care, and those who mean something to us. You can also experience freedom of creativity, and following of your inner feeling. You chose all those images by yourself, and created something new out of them. This is also one part of creativity. It is creating and expressing by selecting and evaluating.


Totem of creativity

Create the totem of your creativity. Make a statue to express the power of your creativity. It will reflect the source of your creativity, it will become your muse, your inspiration. It will reveal a lot about your creativity. You can come to understand the source of your creative force. You can learn lot about that totem, and can learn to access directly your source of creativity.

Gather building materials from all around your house. Choose everything you you have feeling for that they belong to your totem of creativity. Choose anything you think can express the power or creativity. Take everything you wish, no matter how weird it might be. Gather them to the floor, and start building your totem. Choose one by one all those parts you wish to use to express your own creativity, and create your totem by connection them together. Create your totem, and reveal your source of inspiration.

Look closely at your totem. Sit down, and watch it careful. Consider what it reveals you about your creativity. Consider why you chose those parts that you used to express it, and how they connect together.  Consider their meaning and what it reveals about your self and your creativity. Understanding this will help you to find your own source of creativity and expression.

Your totem might look small and insignificant. You may have made your creativity into something smaller and more easily controlled force. Then it might be time to expand it and take new risks. Add something daring and bold into it. Feel how it affects the mood of your totem, and your own mood. It may be time to open new paths and possibilities.

If your totem looks strange or scary, it might be good time to get to know it better. You may have been hiding power of your creativity. Shape of your totem may be totally different from what though it to be. It might actually be something more courageous and wilder than you though it to be.

Keep looking at your totem, and gain more insight from it. This statue reflects the source of your creative power. Create something new while that totem is at present. You might get some new inspiration. Your creativity may have been just waiting to bloom. Your creativity is powerful force that is just waiting to you to release it fully. You can keep this totem your workspace, and get support from it when you need it. You will remember your source of creative potential.


Monster of creativity

Gather again things like you did in previous practice. But this time you will build the monster of your creativity. Gather things that reflect the enemy of your creativity. Gather everything that can be used to express blocks and limits in your creativity. Gather them to the floor, and begin to build your own monster.  

Build the monster which limits you and prevents your creativity. Bring it out from within, make it into reality. You will see the barrier of your creativity with your own eyes. This statue of monster will reveal you the truth about it. It will be your own inner vision about your block. When you create it with your own hands, and see it before you, you can finally bring everything out into the daylight. Before this it was hiding deep within your unconsciousness. It was like a monster hiding in shadows, sabotaging secretly all your creative efforts.

Bring your monster into the daylight. Give it face and form. Reveal its true nature, and understand it. It will not be so terrifying then. Usually our monster is actually quite small and pitiful. It was only grow so big when we were never truly aware of it. When we face it openly, we will notice that it was only empty shadow without any power. It will lose its grip and power over us

Now you can destroy your monster. You can cut head of your dragon, and be released from it once and all. You can also keep it, and hold it on your desk. It will be the trophy of victory, about how you faced down and defeated your monster. It can be remainder that you are no longer under its control. I can be the source of new courage. You can watch it and remember how you won over it, and gained back your creativity.



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