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Painting is a play of creativity and self-expression with colors and shapes. Creative painting is liberating expression of feelings and experiences. It's an art of creating something new from the depths of our hearts and souls; it's the expression of our deepest self. Any technical skills or special abilities are unnecessary. Only thing you need is desire to create and express.

Materials for these practices are cheap and easily purchased. Cheap watercolours are good enough for it. Watercolours are quick and easy to use, and you can express our impressions easily with them. Finger-paints are also good for these practices. Painting with fingers will help us to feel creating and expressing on our own skin. Any white paper is good for these practices.

Expression of emotion
Playing with colors
Obstacles of creativity

Expression of emotions

We can express all of our emotions with colors and shapes. You can express your inner experiences and visions by painting them onto paper. You can create sceneries of the mind, and illustrate the world as you see it. Painting can help us to express everything that is inside of us. Colors are one of the possible ways of self-expression and creativity.

However, there are emotions and experiences whose we do not wish to reveal to others, not even to ourselves. Despite this, these emotions will try to be expressed, even if we keep suppressing them. Repressed feelings will gather into our hearts, and suffocate our natural flow of creation. When we are painting we may try not to express darker and hidden sides of our hearts. It will limit your creativity, because it will close the natural and spontaneous bridge between our feelings and our expression.

Start this practice by dedicating paintings to your emotions, and naming them accordingly. Dedicate painting to your pain, and give it a name that can express your pain. Become aware of your feelings of pain and misery, and express them with this painting. Paint it with the colors of pain, and give shape to your pain. Slash colors on to the paper freely and spontaneously. Allow the painting to be born directly from your heart and your feelings. Pick all colors intuitively, and let painting take its own shape.

Do same again with your fear, express all your darkest fears, and paint your terror and helplessness. Express your deepest hatred and anger, and reveal the face of your inner monsters. Express all of your emotions this way. Express everything that wants to be expressed through paintings.

Express everything you feel inside. Express all those feelings you have tried to repress and hide. Express them with colors your pain, anger and fear. Express freely each and every emotion. Become the open channel for creativity, and allow paintings to become whatever they will. Splash them on to the paper with colors and shapes. Bring out all of them, and express them consciously. Find again that connection between your art and your feelings, connection between creating and emotions. This is the way to the freedom of creation and expression.

Every painting will peel away new layer around your heart. You will step closer to the true self-expression. You will be closer to that which you truly wish to express, your true heart. This practice and all these paintings works like the purification. These are only your surface emotions, even if you have kept them hidden. Your true feelings and experiences lay much deeper than this. When you finally reach them, you can paint and express with it all that wonder and beauty which lives inside of you, which lives inside of all of us.  


Playing with colors

Painting can be really fun and easy. It can be a very creative play, innocent and natural expression with painting, with colors and shapes. Creativity is our natural ability. We were born with it, and it is always within us. When we play, when we return to that feeling of children, we can easily find it again. Playing is the easy way into the creativity. It will help you to find joy and pleasure of creativity again. Return to the innocent child in your heart, and experience endless freedom of expression.

Play with the paint like a child. Paint colors to paper any way wish, mix all colors and paint imaginary shapes and things. Find again that innocence, curiosity and desire for experimenting with anything that comes into your mind. Splash colors on the paper. Wonder at how they will always take new shapes and forms. Allow your paintings to find their shape naturally, by testing new things, and experimenting freely. Find your own way of expression. Enjoy free and natural creativity. Creativity is joyful and fun, it is about experimenting and making new discoveries every day of our lives.

Colors are very close to emotions. We can paint the sceneries of the heart with them. We can express each feeling with the color. We can express everything that is good and beautiful with them, as well as all the bad things. We can express both light and darkness in our hearts. Expressing everything freely is way to have fun with creating new. Make new discoveries, and most of all, have fun. Joy of playing and finding new things is something waits within our own hearts. Playing and having fun makes our hearts lighter and happier.

Creativity inside of us is like a child. This child needs freedom of expression, and playing without constrains. By exploring, experimenting, by trying and making mistakes, all children will learn to live in this world. This is the way of true learning. It works if we are ready to try new things, and give it our time and attention. Our own style, our own creativity, will be found and developed like this. One day it will bloom an unique and beautiful flower, the one that that belongs only to you.


Obstacles of creativity

Sometimes we may find it difficult to create at all. Our creativity may be limited by some inner obstacle that will prevent even our best efforts to create anything.  This unknown mental obstacle can be hidden deep within our hearts, in the depths of unconsciousness. We cannot solve something we are not even consciously aware of. However, it's still inside of you, and that means at least a part of you is connected to the problem. You can deal with it by revealing it to your consciousness. You can reveal your hidden limitations to yourself, and bring them out to the daylight. Painting is one of the ways to do that.

Name your painting something like the 'Obstacle of Creativity', and start painting. Allow your hands to freely express what they want, whatever you are feeling right at this moment, and let it take the new shape on the paper. Follow your intuition, your inner feelings, and express them through your art. Reach deep within yourself, and visualize it. Let the shapes and colors take their own form. When painting is ready, watch it at some distance. Consider carefully what you are seeing, and what you feel inside. This way you can come to understand your inner conflicts and obstacles, whatever shape they take. Sometimes just witnessing and understanding it is all that is needed. It's the process of healing and mending of your creativity.



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