Creativity is our birthright. We have all been born to this world with an ability create and express ourselves. Creativity within us is the ocean of infinite possibilities. It’s our ability to create new things and find new paths. It’s our ability to express ourselves and our feelings in all possible ways. Creativity and self-expression are beautiful gifts that can bring joy and wonder into our lives.

Creativity is one of our most beautiful gifts.  It can endlessly give birth to new miracles. This gift always exists within us, even if we have forgotten it, and left it unused. Creativity is very sensitive and vulnerable when we are growing up. We sometimes lose it somewhere on our way to the adulthood.  You too may have lost your ability to create and express your true self.

Our lost ability to create can be found again. You can recover your lost creativity, and rediscover your ability to express your true feelings freely and naturally. You can learn to unlock all doors and limitations within you, and allow your creativity to flow out once more. Creativity can bring endless joy and satisfaction into your life.

Creativity can be natural part of your every activity. You can find your creativity and self-expression with words, images, sounds, shapes and movements of your own body. You can dance and sing, paint and write, and much more. We can express our feelings and beauty of this world with so many different ways. We can always find always new possibilities and new paths with all of these. We can be creative in everything we do.

These pages have many practices and methods for finding and recovering your creativity and self-expression again. They are all easy and natural methods, and do not require any specific technical skills. Joy of creation and expression is possible without any special talents or training. You only need your desire to create and express yourself.



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